Pollo Saltado

Tender strips of chicken, roma tomatoes, red onions, and french fries, sautéed and served with a side of white rice.


Arroz Chaufa

A Peruvian style stir fried rice with chicken, sausage, egg and scallions. Served with a side salad.


Chicken Salad

Romaine lettuce and Spring Mix, topped with boneless sliced rotisserie chicken, sliced tomatoes, queso fresco and hard boiled eggs.


Caramel Flan

Caramel custard topped with a layer of soft caramel.

Alfajores caramel Cookie

Two sugar cookies, filled with dulce de leche, topped with powered sugar.

Tres Leches

Moist Spanish style cake, dipped in 3 flavorful cremes.

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About Mami Nora’s

Mami Nora’s is recognized for its unforgettable rotisserie chicken, cooked in a special marinade, then roasted in our imported ovens from Perú.
Our ovens use only charcoal, no gas or electric heat is needed.
Our free range chickens are hormone free, local, and free of all major FDA allergens. (peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, soy and gluten)
From our home to your home, Mami Nora’s mission is to provide an exceptional dining experience with quality food, service, and a fun atmosphere.